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Our lifestyle brands offer inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs and timeless style – all powered by digital design and visualization tools that provide seamless shopping in-store and online.


Ateson products are designed with a real sense of beauty. They are unique and bold but not over the top that try too hard. We curated product that has a tranquil aura, confident and content. It’s not attention grabbing but you will find people noticing it. Ateson seek product that is versatile without being boring. As a brand we always stay true to ourselves, constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good.


We believe our product is like a paint to a painter, It’s a tool to achieve the designer vision. Our product is used to achieve a certain way of how a space will look and function. 


At Ateson we strive to provide goods that last a lifetime by sourcing from the best and responsible producer. We are transparent about the specification of our product. Finding the correct material for product so you can get the best value. All of our product undergo strict quality checking because we consider workmanship is paramount.


We seek to serve designer and home owners alike to achieve what they vision. We want our customer to experience ease when purchasing our product. Collaboration, efficient. A drive to help the communities in which we are located we strive to forge relationships with the people most at need, and the things they need most to assist them. We have a strong commitment to our community.


Digital Ressources

Our products comes with mood images that inspire design, additionally to streamline the design process as much as possible we provide :

  • .DWG (CAD)
  • .3DS/.SKP (3D Files)

Support Team

Ateson team are eager to assist you with friendly faces wether you are meeting us physically or online. They will go above and beyond to ensure our valued customers are 100% satisfied.

  • Product presentation
  • Site supervision


We are happy to share pictures of your finished project on our website, social media or our catalog with credits to increase your exposure and hopefully gain more clients!

Contribute to our:

  • Social media posts
  • Catalog pictures
  • Website Articles

Special rate and referal benefit

Gain even more value by using special coupon code that you can give to client or use yourself. Additionally we also offer cashback when the code is used.


  • Special coupon code
  • Referrals cashback


1.Apply Online

To begin the process you will need to submit the application form (which you will find at the bottom of this page)

2.We’ll get back to you

Applications will be processed at the end of each week. We will schedule meeting to outlines further information about our professional program.

3.Welcome pack (Coming soon)

After Making sure your account and code is ready, we will send you welcome pack containing our physical catalog, some sample and merchandise. 

4.Happy shopping with benefit 🙂

You may shop using the code on checkout or send referral and earn cashback!



Practicing professional in the building industry such as Architect, Interior designer, contractor or installer are eligible.

We have both a digital and hardcopy catalogue available for showing clients. We also have colour samples and small display options for use in your client meetings.

Yes! All of our trade account holders are entitled to one free sample pack to be sent out. Any extra sample packs being sent out after this will be charged at the full price.

There are multiple ways to purchase Ateson products. You can send through your purchase orders to our sales team to put together a quote or invoice for you via email, you can call through to speak to a member of our team over the phone and have a quote or email sent through to you or if you are comfortable in doing so, you are more than welcome to shop online and use your unique code to apply your discount to your shopping cart

Yes, free shipping, warranty and return policy is the same as usual

Not long at all! The online form should only take a few minutes to complete, and our staff endeavour to have all accounts processed and responded to within 48 hours.

Having a trade account with Ateson has multiple benefits. Most obviously having access to our discount structure! We also have a running account for you that lists your overall spend, all of your previous invoices for ease of access and a dedicated and trained team that can help with the trade specific aspects needs of your business.

Due to 30 day return policy cashback are given after the allowed date is expired, In conclusion cashback are accumulated to the end of next month,

For example we will give the accumulated cashback of  1-31 March on the 30th April.

April cashback will be given at the end of May and so on.

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