Company Profile

PT. Wisma Ateson Indonesia

Our mission is to enrich lives by creating well-designed spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience. We believe that everyone deserves a space that reflects their individuality and brings joy to their everyday lives.


To be the leading force in the sanitary industry, representing Indonesian design expertise on a global scale.


We strongly believe in Values by Design, a set of core principles that guide us in every aspect of our operations.

These values form the foundation of our company culture and shape our commitment to providing the best possible products and services to our valued customers.


Our showrooms serve as creative hubs where homeowners, architects, and designers can explore our curated collections and draw inspiration for their projects.

Showrooms across Indonesia :

Denpasar (Coming Soon)

Padang ( Coming Soon )

Medan ( Coming Soon )

At PT. Wisma Ateson Indonesia, we look forward to serving you and embarking on a journey of creativity and excellence. Join us as we transform spaces into well-designed sanctuaries that inspire and delight.

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