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Each project represents a unique collaboration, a fusion of vision and craftsmanship that has transformed spaces and exceeded expectations.

Explore our diverse range of projects below and be inspired to create something extraordinary with us.

Villa Wonderland: Discovering the Beauty Inside-Out

Each a haven of tranquility and refined taste. Experience the epitome of relaxation as we explore the spa-like bathrooms, complete with lavish amenities and stunning aesthetics.

These are the best villas to inspire you

The Grun Canggu

Unveiling the Perfect Symbiosis of Architecture and Nature in a Tropical Paradise

In the heart of Bali’s lush landscapes, a hidden gem awaits— an enchanting villa that effortlessly merges with its surroundings of dense forests and emerald rice fields.

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Surin Height


With a keen eye for local design elements and a commitment to sustainable practices, this architectural marvel redefines luxury living in the heart of Thailand’s tropical paradise.

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The Young Villas


Combining timeless design elements with contemporary features, this architectural gem redefines luxury living in a Balinese paradise.

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Enhancing Urban Experiences: Dynamic Public Spaces

In the bustling heart of cities, the design of public spaces plays a pivotal role in shaping vibrant social experiences. Beyond serving as mere venues, these spaces act as catalysts for community engagement, and unforgettable moments.

These are the best public spaces to inspire you

Southbank Noir


Delve into the significance of crafting an atmosphere that resonates with the establishment’s unique identity, through lighting, color schemes, and spatial arrangements that evoke emotions and reinforce the intended narrative.



Welcome to Sushi Tei, a renowned sushi restaurant that beckons connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. The exquisite presentation of their dishes create an immersive dining experience. 

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