Take the Opportunity to become Ateson official distributor and stockist

Our lifestyle brands offer inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs and timeless style – all powered by digital design and visualization tools that provide seamless shopping in-store and online.


Our range of beautiful curated products will expand your product category and attract more customer to the store!

Ateson seek product that is versatile without being boring. As a brand we always stay true to ourselves, constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good.


We believe our product is like a paint to a painter, It’s a tool to achieve the designer vision. Our product is used to achieve a certain way of how a space will look and function.


We strive to provide goods that last a lifetime by sourcing from the best and responsible producer. We are transparent about the specification of our product. Finding the correct material for product so you can get the best value. All of our product undergo strict quality checking because we consider workmanship is paramount.


Our team is eager to help you smoothen sales transaction with product presentation, supervising site to ensure goods are properly installed and even handling customer complains. 


Discount Scheme

Ateson have strict discount scheme to ensure our retailer or distributor have high margin ensuring mutual long term relationship.

Working Area

As our products is mainly geared towards specific customer demography we are selective on choosing and developing key partners.

we have a quota of :

1 distributor / province

1-2 Stockist / 10km radius

In store display

In store display are provided or specified by our team to ensure harmony in branding across the nation.

*In store sales attendant

For modern market we will additionaly place our representative to station at your place.

Marketing Material

Retailer are provided with product pictures (JPEG/PNG), 3D files and catalog (Digital or physical) for marketing purposes. 



First stock batch

To ensure customer get serve fast and ensure steady supply of the goods, retailer and distributor must place first stock batch.

-Volume will be adjusted accordingly

Showroom space

With vast and expanding selection of product, we have minimum space requirement to display our product at your space.

-50 Sqm for distributor

-W:2m H:2.4m L:60cm for stockist

Annual sales target

 We will commit our ressource to help developing market as much as possible for you. In return we demand annual sales target as proof of distributor or stockist focus and commitment.

Minimum selling price

We want all our distributor, stockist and affiliate to profit for a long time, so from the start we will emphasize for you to sell within our price bracket. Violation may cause account suspended or removal from programmes!


1.Apply Online

To begin the process you will need to submit the application form (which you will find at the bottom of this page)

2.Interview & Survey

Applications will be processed at the end of each month. We will be in touch with all applicants to let you know if you will proceed to the interview stage. If successful, you will receive our information pack which outlines further information about our reseller program, including pricing.


After the interview, you will be contacted regarding the final outcome. If succesful we will then send you proposal of the in-store display, quote for first batch display and contract.


After contract is signed we will then start to produce display, send first batch products, begin product training.

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